We’re back…

*clear throat* *assumes mournful expression* My name is Emma Kavanagh and I am a neglectful website owner. I could make excuses, but we both know that would be lame. Look at me getting down with the lingo of the youth. God, I need to get out more. I have no excuses to make. I’m rubbish. However, I am back. And, in spite of having 2 novels and a non-fiction to write (HAHAHAHAHA! *weeps*), I pledge to never neglect my website again.

Life is different from the last time I posted here. Not least because we have had the rare experience of having a global pandemic. Um…what the hell was THAT??? Because the FOMO is strong with me, I decided to join the covid club (do not recommend), and then went one better by stretching that out into long covid. DEFINITELY do not recommend. I’m doing better now, more than a year later, but honestly I don’t know that I will ever fully be who I was before. I get tired more easily. Headaches are a pretty constant companion. And my immune system is pants. In truth though, I got off lightly. So many were damaged in this.

This past few weeks have been a rollercoaster. The release of How To Be Broken was thrilling and chaotic and joyful. The days that followed immediately after involved me randomly bursting into tears and then acquiring for myself a delightful little stomach bug. Huzzah. Long Covid has taught me that I can do pretty much whatever I want. There will, however, be consequences, an enforced period of rest. Part of me wonders if this is fate teaching me a lesson I sorely needed to learn. I have always been very good at charging at life, doing and working and chugging along. I’ve been less good at the other bit, the rest that’s supposed to follow. I have no choice now. And maybe that isn’t a terrible thing.

If you have any sympathy looking for a good home, please, I implore you, distribute it to the house elf. He has been imprisoned in my office, on account of the workmen being here fitting our new fire. And his particular brand of golden retriever helpfulness has been deemed…less than helpful. This makes him sad. Thoughts and prayers, people.

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