I feel like I have spent my entire life falling apart. But it was only when the world ground to a halt and it became clear that everyone else was falling apart too, that I realised I needed to write about it. Look, let’s be frank. I am a nerd. Through and through. When everything goes wrong for me, I turn to the world of academia to figure it out. Google Scholar is my comfort zone. Bless me! But the thing is, it turns out that there are answers – to why we feel the way we feel, act the way we act. This book is me, sharing with you what I have learned. About what happens when the world turns upside down, about the truth about the stress response and the hidden gifts if can bring. About why, just sometimes, the only thing we can do is fall apart. And about why being broken is not the curse we think it is. I hope that reading this book will help you in the same way that writing it helped me.

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