A day for women

It is International Women’s Day, and this year that feels like a massively important thing. Because it has become clear over the past months that equality is far, far from a reality. And yet, for so many women I know, this day is at best to be ignored, at worst it is an embarrassment. Why is that? Why do so many women say the word ‘feminist’ with a curled lip, an expression of disdain? … More A day for women

Paperback release week

It is 2 days until The Missing Hours is released in its paperback form. I will confess that traditionally, these days have me all of a quiver, worrying about all of the usual things – reviews, sales, the possibility that I have forgotten something I really should be worrying about. And so here we are, 2 days out. Only this time, I am worried about none of these things. Instead I find myself preoccupied by what our world is and what it is becoming, what kind of life my children will know. … More Paperback release week