New Pastures

For anyone who’s missed it, I have some exciting news. I have just signed a three book deal with Orion books. I am thrilled to be once again working with the awesome Fran Pathak, and to be diving into my first ever trilogy. Eek! … More New Pastures

The letting go

There is a rhythm to my authorly life. There is the thrill of the new idea, the next book, the one which will write itself, which in its formation will give me unprecedented joy. Then comes the terror of the blank page, the empty document, that knot in the pit of my stomach, the question – what if this is the one that I simply cannot write? Then the slog, the focus and, if I’m lucky, the flow. … More The letting go

Paperback release week

It is 2 days until The Missing Hours is released in its paperback form. I will confess that traditionally, these days have me all of a quiver, worrying about all of the usual things – reviews, sales, the possibility that I have forgotten something I really should be worrying about. And so here we are, 2 days out. Only this time, I am worried about none of these things. Instead I find myself preoccupied by what our world is and what it is becoming, what kind of life my children will know. … More Paperback release week